FORMWORKS is dedicated to the development and presentation of performance works that provide the audience a unique viewing experience and a channel to greet artists who are cutting the edge. Through performances and discussions by outlier artists with global acclaim, we aim to inspire excitement, appreciation and support for the function of live intimate performance shows in Dallas. Presenting personal works that use stunning imagery and poetic timing to reveal diverse perspectives, we hope to develop the cultural brand that the city of Dallas strives to present. We use our resources to bring exposure to the world's finest talent to our audiences and to increase the city's cultural capital. We wish to provide Dallas forefront exposure to globally acclaimed artists who are breaking new ground.

The ARTIST OUTLIERS series presents solo, and small group works that bring contemporary movement and storytelling together in nontraditional settings. The artists in the series are selected due to the socially relevant nature of their work, the vivid imagery they put forth and the personal experiences each of them offers to the audience for engagement. We present local and international contemporary artists, innovators, and collaborators to encourage the personal understanding of one's self in relation to others through art.


Bring on the wild. Bring on the wonder. Bring on the world.